How we live our lives in an occupational society is an enduring fascination to me. What we do and how we do it is intriguing and interesting.

How we present ourselves and how the world at large perceives us in this exercise is why I’m drawn to photograph people.

So what ties these photographic portraits together is my continuing fascination in how we define ourselves against the values and conventions of a hard commercial society and the passing nature of that representation. I’m fascinated by the idea of identity and our search for purpose, status and personal meaning in our journey through the modern world. The different identity transitions we go though and how we deal with those changes. I’m intrigued by our self image and in the notion that we can base our sense of self on how we believe others view us.

I’m intrigued in our attempts to leave a personal legacy, creating something of value that makes a mark on the world, however large or small that may be.

…..and,finally, our attempts to resist being swallowed up by the whole damn process.

Some of these people have been in the public eye. Some still are. Many are known mainly in their own sphere of work. Some have done something of note that has brought them to the attention of others, and some have not. But all have made a mark on the world in some way or another, whether large or small.

I’ve been shooting this for some time, and this is a continuing and evolving project so the practicalities of shooting have changed and different ways of shooting people have emerged. Style wise, the cinema is an influence and so is painting, I employ low key lighting when I can and usually use a single defused flash head with much available light.Environments are very important to the pictures, so all photos are shot on location although where necessary I will use a portable black/white backdrop.