Information about the Portraits


HOW we live our lives in an occupational society is an enduring fascination to me. What we do and how we do it is intriguing and interesting.

HOW we present ourselves and how the world at large perceives us in this exercise is why I’m drawn to photograph people.

SO what ties these photographic portraits together is my continuing fascination in how we define ourselves against the values and conventions of a hard commercial society and the passing nature of that representation. 

HOW we describe our qualities as an individual as we search for purpose, status and personal meaning on our journey through this world and how we deal with the changes we go through. I’m also intrigued in our attempts to leave a personal legacy, creating something of value that makes a mark on the world, however large or small, whatever that may be.

I’M curious how our self image is affected by the different dress codes and uniforms we present to each other, sometimes to fit in and sometimes to set ourselves apart. And following this how our sense of self is affected by the way we believe others view us.

AND, finally, our attempts to resist being swallowed up by the whole damn process or is that just me! 

THESE are all crucial elements in my attempts to create photographs of people.



I’VE been shooting this for some time, and this is a continuing and evolving project so the practicalities of shooting have changed and different ways of shooting people have emerged. Style wise, I’m influenced by the world around me and the way natural light falls on people and the interaction of daylight and artificial flash.So I use where I can portable studio lighting and love the interaction between this light and the prevailing daylight.

CINEMA is important and so is painting, and of course the work of other photographers.

ENVIRONMENTS are very important to the pictures, so most photos are shot on location with an backdrop appropriate to the sitter although where necessary I will use a portable black/white backdrop and sometimes I will drop a different, suitable backdrop in during post production. Also sometimes I will shoot 3 frames and stitch them together in a panoramic format…so there are various ways of achieving the results I am after.