Information about Portugal People

Portugal People –

This people project was photographed in Portugal over a number of days during visits in 1988 and 1989, on the Algarve coast in the quiet village of Alvor and the town of Monte Gordo.( both have developed into busy holiday destinations now)

Back in the days of film..

It was shot in B+W using a Bronica ETRS  Camera ( 6×4.5 cm negative) with a standard 75mm prime lens.

I had two Film Backs loaded with 120 Ilford FP4 roll film which allowed me to take 15 exposures per film (so I would be able to shoot 30 negatives and then have to reload a Film Back when I had the chance.)

The roll films were developed in either Kodak D76 or Agfa Rodinal ( I think it was Rodinal as I’m sure I’d stopped using D76 by then and I preferred the punchier negs that Rodinal gave me and these negs look like that) and then contact sheets made on Ilford Multigrade paper and ‘proper’ prints enlarged onto Agfa Record Rapid the go to exhibition quality paper of the time, which had a lovely warm tone to it.

But that was then and time moves on and Photography has always moved on so now these negs have been scanned into the computer and graded, spotted and tweaked in Photoshop and I have no problem with that

Shot in the deepening mellow evening light of the Iberian peninsular at the end of the day.

I wanted to capture the amiable and reflective nature of the local people I encountered and the quietness and stillness and tradition that pervaded the evening time.

Tucked away from holiday makers I shot a knowledgable, mature and worldly people with long established habits and rituals set against a backdrop of very simple Moorish influenced architecture.